A complex raft of legislation and case law define the landlord and tenant relationship and make it an area in which only the experienced practitioner should operate. There are a number of areas that are covered by this legislation and these include:-

  • rent reviews
  • lease renewals
  • dilapidations and repairs

In addition to the above there are number of issues that arise out of the landlord and tenant relationship and the interpretation of leases.

We represent all our management clients on all rent reviews, lease renewals and dilapidations as well as a large number of landlords and tenants who use us only for this service.

Our professional services partner, Justin Fowler, carries out rent reviews and lease renewals on a diverse range of commercial properties, including acting for landlords of many Market Town High Street multiple retailers as well as offices, industrial property, pubs and restaurants.

Acting for landlord clients at rent review we have had considerable success in making rental gains even during the last few years. Despite this, when acting for tenant clients we have managed to minimise rental increases at rent review, still achieving nil increases in many cases.

Acting for both landlord and tenant clients at lease renewal we look wherever possible to negotiate the most favourable terms for our clients as well as negotiating the best possible position on rent.

When advising landlords on dilapidations issues we are careful not to allow maintenance problems to mount up as this can cause more damage to the building and can cause problems at the end of the lease. Acting for tenants we will ensure they look after the building responsibly and are not asked to do more repairs than their lease demands.

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