Business Rates are dealt with by our Professional Services Partner, who carries out initial assessments for clients to determine whether a Rating Appeal may be recommended. There is no charge for the initial Rates Assessment. Where we recommend a Rating Appeal we would handle all correspondence and documentation on behalf of the client, and our fees are based on a percentage of the actual rates saving achieved.

Business Rates Appeals form an important element of our service to clients and The Culshaw Partnership can boast an enviable record of success in reducing Rateable Values and Rates paid.

With each Rating Revaluation the rating legislation becomes more complicated and using a rating expert becomes more important. It is also true that with each passing Rating Revaluation the Valuation Office is getting more accurate in setting rateable values at accurate levels, however we are still achieving success across the portfolio of rating clients for whom we act.

  • FREE initial assessment of Rateable Value
  • Full and accurate analysis of the current rating assessment
  • Professional representation before the District Valuers or Land Tribunal
  • A "no win - no fee" promise
  • If You would like us to take a look at your Business Rates please complete this form and we will be in touch
  • Business Rates 2017 Appeal Form
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